Project Sew My Style

A few months ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I came across the hash tag #SewMyStyle. A few clicks later I learned that it’s a project created by Alex from Bluebird Fabrics. Alex explains Sew My Style on her website: ‘above all, #SewMyStyle is all about raising awareness about the slow fashion movement and about encouraging young women to take up sewing.’ Hey! That’s what I’m all about too! So this was a no brainer, I signed up right away.

The project is like a sew-a-long; everyone will be sewing the same 12 garments, one in each month of 2017. We’ll be sharing our pictures on the last Sunday of the month on Instagram along the way. The garments Alex chose are very achievable for beginners and in the end, you’ll have a nice little capsule wardrobe of handmade clothes.

For me this is the perfect project to push me out of my comfort zone and make me try something new. When I had the RockingStitch Sewing Studio I only worked with Tilly and the Buttons patterns. I chose Tilly’s patterns because they are so easy to work with and perfect for beginners. I always made a sample for the class I was teaching so I ended up making nearly every Tilly and the Buttons pattern there is. Back then I was so busy, I didn’t have the time to sew anything else or try a different brand. So now I am very excited to try the following, new to me, pattern companies: Megan Nielsen Patterns, Cali Faye Collection, Named Clothing, By Hand London and Sew House Seven.

Here’s a list of all the projects that we’ll be making in 2017 (click on the name to get more info on the pattern):


Toaster Sweater 2

Sew House Seven









Saunio Cardigan

Named Clothing 










Virginia Leggings

Megan Nielsen 










Bridgetown Dress

Sew House Seven 












Pocket Skirt

Cali Faye Collection 








Briar Tee and Sweater

Megan Nielsen 










Valley Blouse

Cali Faye Collection 








Darling Ranges Dress

Megan Nielsen 










Yona Wrap Coat

Named Clothing 










Hampshire Trouser

Cali Faye Collection 






Anna Dress

By Hand London 








A pattern from the new AW17 Collection (TBC)

Named Clothing 

I’m really excited about all of these garments and I cannot wait to add them to my handmade wardrobe. As I started my blog a little later in the year I have already made the January and February project which I will blog about soon.

In the meantime check out #SewMyStyle on Instagram for lots of Toaster sweaters (January’s project) and Saunio cardigans (February’s project).