Welcome to my blog! I am Dutch, creative, tall and I’m a sewist at heart. I enjoy blogging & vlogging about all my dressmaking adventures, and I’m spreading some sewing love through teaching classes. My goal is to create a me-made wardrobe that fits my body and my everyday lifestyle, plus I’m hoping to develop my personal style along the way! This blog is like my sewing journal and you’ll be able to follow my journey here.

When I was 15 years old I picked up my first needle to customise my own clothes, and I haven’t stopped stitching since. After nearly 10 years of freelancing in the costume and entertainment industry I left the Netherlands to start a new life in the UK. I founded RockingStitch in 2012 and it has had many faces since then. It all started with making and selling handmade accessories, which got me into teaching sewing classes, and eventually led me to opening my own sewing studio. Since then I’ve rarely bought any ready-to-wear clothes, and I started my journey towards a fully me-made wardrobe. I also collaborated with some amazing online fabric shops, tested patterns for indie pattern companies, and I’ve been featured in several sewing magazines.

More recently I ventured into writing and creating creative content for other small businesses in the sewing industry. I’ve also designed a must-have sewing tool; the Seamstress Gauge, and launched my Etsy shop in 2018. This alongside running a YouTube channel – Pattern Pals – with my friends Lisa and Louise. 

My husband, our 2-year-old daughter and I moved to Oslo at the beginning of 2020. I currently still work as a freelancer and have multiple clients in the UK. My Etsy shop is closed for the foreseeable future, settling into our new home has first priority at the moment.

Even though I haven’t been able to sew much the past few months, I’m still continuing my journey towards a fully me-made wardrobe. I’ve been defining my style by looking at what colours work for me, what do I wear the most, and where are the gaps in my wardrobe. The idea is to get back into regularly documenting this process, right here on my blog. Don’t expect to see a lot of on-trend romantic maxi dresses, statement sleeves, or ruffles, these looks are beautiful on others, they’re just not for me. I love minimalistic designs, but appreciate beautifully stitched details. Midi length seems to look best on me, and I hope to eventually describe my style as casual chic. As for colours, I’m currently into jewel and earthy tones.

The dream would be to have a fully me-made wardrobe with meaningful pieces that I’m 100% in love with and will wear till they are beyond repair. 

As for the business side of things, I thoroughly enjoyed running my own Etsy shop and I hope to get back to it really soon. So far I only designed the Seamstress Gauge, but it would be amazing to add more products in the future. After we’ve settled into Oslo properly I would like to get to know the sewing community here a bit better, and maybe start teaching sewing classes again. I hope to continue working as a freelancer in the sewing industry and it would also be awesome to have some Norwegian clients.